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AP AB +C…ovid-19

Please download the app Zoom from You do not need to create an account. You will be able to join any Zoom sessions I create if you have the app on your phone, tablet, or computer. When you join a live session with me, please use your real name (first name only).

AP Updates for Parents: April 16: Click here
AP Updates for students: Click here and here
Also AP videos by CB here

Mon 4-27: Mini 30 answers, Week 7 packet, FRQ 2017, Calculus Bible, Mock exam

Fri 4-17: Mini 29

Wed 4-15: Mini 29 Review Answers

Mon 4-13: Mini 29 Review, Week 5 packet, FRQ 2016, Mock exam

Thu 4-9: Mini 27

Tues 4-7: Mini 27 Review Answer

Mon 4-6: Mini 27 Review, Week 4 packet, and Free Response Question 1 (check email)

Fri 4-3: Mini 26 Answers (check your email)

Thur 4-2: Mini 26 (check email)
Thursday thrills follow this link to write your Thursday thrill.

Wed 4-1: Zoom meeting: 8:00 am. Check your email

Tues 3-31: Cont. work on Path to Five, and Week 3 packet.

Mon 3-30: Mini 26 Review.
Zoom meeting: 8:00 am Check your email.
AP Calc videos by College Board are presented some of the best teachers from my Facebook group. I follow the advice and resources of these teachers a lot in our class.

Mon 3-23: Mini 25 Answers